The Training Super Stack

Elevate your training. Elevate your Game.

Introducing the SIXSTAR Training Super Stack - your ultimate companion for reaching peak performance. This dynamic stack combines 100% Whey Protein for muscle building, 100% Creatine for increased strength, and Pre-Workout Explosion for unparalleled energy and focus. Unleash your potential and elevate your training to new heights with this comprehensive stack.

  • Muscle building

  • Greater Strength

  • Extreme energy


2-3 Days




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Why Should I Buy This?

Formulated for Athletes

Developed exclusively for athletes to deliver the fuel and nutrients needed before kick-off, tip-off, or face-off. 

The Training Super Stack includes:

100% Whey Protein Plus

SIXSTAR 100% Whey Protein Plus is designed to help you perform at your best. Day or night, after a workout or a game, it's designed for optimal performance.


How to take

SIXSTAR Whey Protein Plus can be taken post-workout, between meals or anytime. Stir, blend, or shake in a shaker cup with water or milk.

Supplement Facts

Triple Chocolate

Vanilla Cream

Strawberry Smoothie

Cookies & Cream


Who is whey protein plus for?

SIXSTAR Whey Protein Plus is formulated for athletes who take their performance seriously. This is a post-workout or anytime protein supplement. If you’re looking for every edge you can get, this formula is purpose-built to improve performance when you need it most. 

Can I take whey protein plus every day?

Yes, Whey Protein Plus is safe to be taken every day to accompany your daily training regimen.  

100% Creatine

SIXSTAR 100% Creatine is the perfect ingredient to add to your daily supplement regimen if you want to build more muscle and push your strength and performance to the next level. Add to any protein smoothie or mix with your favorite performance shake.


How to take

Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with water, juice or your favorite pre- or post-workout drink. SIXSTAR researchers recommend loading for the first 3 days. To load for 3 days, take 2 servings twice a day. Working out? Take 2 servings before your workout and 2 servings after your workout. Resting? Take any time of day. After the first 3 days of loading, take 1 serving daily.

Supplement Facts



Who is 100% Creatine for?

100% Creatine formulated for athletes who take their performance in the gym and on the field seriously. If you’re looking for every edge you can get, this formula is purpose-built to improve performance when you need it most. 

Can I take 100% Creatine every day?

SIXSTAR researchers recommend saturating your muscle cells with creatine. During the loading phase, you supplement with 5g of creatine, 3–4 times a day, for 3 days in a row. Once you’ve reached your saturation point, you proceed to the maintenance phase, where you keep up your creatine levels with a regular 5g dose of creatine daily.