6OAT Celebrate The Legacy

SIXSTAR Leverages Out-Of Home To Celebrate The Greatest Winner In Hoops History

SIXSTAR™ also unveils “Taste Like Victory” commercial spots as part of its rebranding effort.
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New York, NY and Oakville, ON (October 20, 2022) – Imagine Boston’s famed green and white colors in Los Angeles and New York City, just steps away from two of the world’s marquee sports arenas.

It’s possible and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest players the game of basketball has ever known.

SIXSTAR™, “The Athlete’s Choice” for sports nutrition at all levels, including those at the professional, collegiate and high school level, is paying tribute to professional basketball’s decision to retire the number six league-wide, with out-of-home billboards in several cities including Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The billboards will spell out 6OAT – Celebrate The Legacy, in white with a green background. The colors celebrate the college (San Francisco) and professional city (Boston) where Bill Russell played the game of basketball.

“There is the obvious brand alignment with professional basketball retiring the number six on a permanent basis, but there’s so much more to our desire to honor such a legacy,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International, the makers of the SIXSTAR™ brand. “We’re talking about one of the greatest winners in any sport, period, and the first African-American head coach in any U.S. major professional sport.”

SIXSTAR™ has previously used out-of-home to refine its voice in the sports space, including advocating for the hiring of a female head coach in men’s professional basketball in 2021 and Name, Image and Likeness rights for student athletes.

With the start of a new basketball season upon us, SIXSTAR™ is also launching its new anthem video and brand campaign, cultivated and crafted with Portland, Oregon based creative agency Öpinionated. The spots, which include a “Tastes Like Victory” brand tagline, will appear digitally, socially and through OTT (over-the-top).

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At the heart of the “Tastes Like Victory” campaign are athletes—specifically young athletes who aspire to great potential. Across a multitude of sports, SIXSTAR™ plays a unique role for the athlete: it serves as the catalyst that transforms mental motivation into physical performance. This idea is brought to life in the 30-second anthem, “Tastes Like Victory,” which also serves as the new aptly named tagline for the brand. Directed by Jackson Tisi, the film was fully shot underwater in a Los Angeles studio . Additional short films showcase athletes in soccer, football, volleyball, baseball and basketball.

“This campaign was a series of happy creative firsts: it was the first collaboration between the Iovate and Öpinionated camps. And it was the first time any of us (agency, client, production company) had ever attempted something as crazy as an underwater basketball shoot, and we loved the results,” said Cameron Soane, Öpinionated Associate Creative Director.

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