Q&A With Football Star Roman Wilson

Q&A With Football Star Roman Wilson

College Star Wide Receiver Roman Wilson has partnered with Six Star Pro Nutrition to get ready for the upcoming draft.
The Hawaii native, known for his explosive speed on the field, committed to play football for Michigan back in 2019. Although his freshman season was cut short due to COVID-19, he made an appearance in all six games, caught 9 passes for 122 yards, and scored his first career touchdown. He continued his momentum throughout the remainder of his college career, making appearances in most Michigan games. Wilson started in all 15 games of his senior season– finishing the year with 48 receptions for 789 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns, leading his team to win the national championship.

The college football champion attended high school in Hawaii and was named one of the top three players from his home state. He led his high school team to a 38-game winning streak and four consecutive state championships. Wilson now has his sights set on the pro game.

SIXSTAR recently had the opportunity to sit down with the college football star to discuss his favorite drills for training like a champion, practical advice for high school athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level, and how the new SIXSTAR Protein Shake in Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® cereal flavor is helping him prepare for the upcoming draft.

SIXSTAR: We’re excited to be fueling you for the draft! Can you tell us what your draft experience has been like so far– going from winning the national championship to now getting ready to turn pro?

Roman Wilson: “Since the national championship – it has been a lot. From playing in the championship game, to traveling to Florida, preparing for the Senior Bowl, then having a great experience at the bowl and talking to coaches, experiencing Pro Day, and visiting teams… It’s been a lot but I’ve been enjoying it. It’s been good for me.”

SIXSTAR: With everything going on, we know that you need to make sure that you’re still training and taking care of your body by supporting your muscles and recovering. So, how has the new SIXSTAR Protein Shake in Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® cereal flavor been able to help you with that?

Roman Wilson: “The SIXSTAR Protein Shake has been helping me a lot. I’m not big on putting protein powder in a blender, I prefer grab-and-go options to get right to it. Growing up I really loved Froot Loops® so it’s good that I can get that flavor in a protein now too. It’s been easy.”

SIXSTAR: Let’s go back to your high school days – can you take us through what helped you in terms of preparing for college? What helped you stand out? Do you have any advice for high school athletes who want to be like you?

Roman Wilson: “Some of the things that helped me in high school were keeping my head down, staying out of trouble, and just working. I used to lift and do football drills pretty much every single day. I made sure to stay on top of my diet, get the right protein, take care of my body, and stay on top of recovery. Those were big things for me.”

SIXSTAR: Do you have a favorite workout or drill that you can share with high school athletes that has helped you with your training?

Roman Wilson: “Depending on what your sport is, especially when you’re younger, it’s more important to just be doing something– you don’t need to focus on just one thing. I would recommend any drill that you can see yourself replicating in the sport you play. For instance, benching replicates pushing through players on the field in football. Any drills that emulate what you’re doing in your sport will help.”

SIXSTAR: The mental aspect is obviously huge, and playing at Michigan, you’re basically a pro already. What did you have to do for yourself mentally to make sure that you were prepared through the ups and downs?

Roman Wilson: “For me, the biggest thing was playing in front of a lot of people. When I was young I would workout and run rounds by myself. I would always envision someone was watching me. Even though there are 22 people on the field, I always try to remember someone is watching me. For some people, that can be a lot of pressure, but for me, it turned into something I could embrace– ‘people are watching me, it’s time to put on a show.’”

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