Don’t train without one of these!

When you’re in the gym working on your fitness goals, pushing your body to the limit is something that comes with the territory. To get the results you want, you know you’ll have to put in the hard work. During intense physical activity, your body emanates a lot of heat. In fact, when pushing the pace, your body’s core temperature can elevate from the normal 98.6°F to over 104°F! Your body sweats as a response to this increase in core temperature as a protection mechanism to keep you from overheating. This spike in core temperature causes heat stress in the body and can cause fatigue and decreases in athletic performance, especially in terms of muscular endurance. A great way to stay cool and improve your training performance is to use a cooling towel. Here are some reasons to use a cooling towel as part of your training arsenal!

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Stay cool for longer

Sure, you could just wet a regular towel with some cold water to help cool yourself down. The problem with that is regular cotton towels won’t stay cool for long. Unlike a regular towel, a specialized cooling towel utilizes hyper-evaporative microfiber technology that works to retain the cold temperature and instantly provide heat relief over a long period of time.

Increase performance

The ability to keep cool during a training session can be a major advantage. The instant cooling effect of a high-tech fabric cooling towel helps to aid with thermoregulation. By staying cool, you limit the negative effects of overheating, such as fatigue and dizziness.

Stay dry

Using a regular cotton towel to cool off usually means you’re going to get wet too. When you’re in the gym, you don’t want to be getting water all over the place. That’s something your fellow gym rats probably won’t appreciate and may attract some evil eye stares from those around you. The special fabric of a cooling towel is able to retain the its cold temperature even after it dries out. That way you can wring out any water while keeping the cold temperature for an extended period of time


The high-tech fabric of a cooling towel is extremely durable. Once you get one of these towels you can use them long-term, as they are machine washable and specifically designed for long-term usage.

As you can tell, a high-tech fabric cooling towel is a far superior option to a regular, basic cotton gym towel for staying cool and improving your performance. There are a few different scenarios in which you may need to use one of these bad boys. If you’re living a healthy, active lifestyle, there will definitely be a need for you to stay cool at some point.

In the gym

You’re going to want to keep one of these special fabric towels in your gym bag. Simply wearing the towel around your neck while you train will help keep your core temperature from getting too high in order to prevent feelings of exhaustion and dizziness.


A cooling towel can be used to speed up your recovery between plays, rounds or as a halftime refresher by working to bring your core temperature back to baseline. Athletes are always looking for an edge to improve their game, and tend to perform better when they are calm, cool and collected. Use a cooling towel to prevent overheating and stay comfortable during intense competition.

The great outdoors

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, a cooling towel is definitely something you’re going to want to pack with you. Super lightweight and easy to carry, a cooling towel is a great way to avoid heat exhaustion and fatigue during your adventure. Just throw it around your neck as you trek to the top of a mountain or canoe across a lake under the hot summer sun. A high-tech fabric cooling towel is a great way to make your outdoor journey a safer, more enjoyable experience.

There’s no doubt a cooling towel has a place in your stockpile of training gear. If you want to get one for free, just look up a participating Walmart near you to get your very own Six Star® cooling towel free with the purchase of a bottle of 100% Whey Protein Plus! This amazing free gift won’t be available for long, so get some while supplies last!

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