Four Tips To Beat the Quarantine Fifteen!

We know that staying home right now is the right thing to do, but it sure is a drag. Especially because gyms were among first public spaces to close down. As you adjust to curtailed workout routines brought on by quarantine, how can you avoid packing on weight while rediscover the joys of binge-watching Netflix? Simple — by building new routines and incorporating some healthy habits. Here’s four that’ll ensure you beat the Quarantine Fifteen!

1. Get up early and move!

It may be tempting to put your alarm clock in storage for the time being, but getting up early and at the same time every day has its benefits. Take the dog for a walk or get a run in. It will get your energy going and blood pumping for the day.

2. Drink water

If everyday workouts aren’t happening (understandably), it may be tricky to fall away from healthy habits. But, this is an important one. It can make you feel full and help avoid overeating. It helps with digestive health. It also reduces fluid retention. If you’re enjoying a few more carbs than usual, drink lots of water to feel less bloated. Add lemon or lime for a splash of flavor.

3. Keep up the food prep

You know the drill. It’s easier to stick to a clean diet with healthy meals prepped ahead of time. Plus, keeping your immunity strong with nutritious food is paramount now more than ever. Keep things interesting by researching new recipes like the High-Protein Chocolate Oatmeal

4. Don’t be too strict

We’re all dealing with some big adjustments right now, so easing off on some of the pressure might help. Add routine to your day, but also add some enjoyment. Catch up on some TV, video chat with your buddies and take naps (don’t tell your boss we said that).

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