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6 Mental Training Tips for Fitness

Upon deciding you want to make a physical change or better yourself, it is important to make sure that your mind is ready for the journey ahead.
Six Star Pro Staff
Six Star Pro Staff
Training your mind

By Erin Fischer

Upon deciding you want to make a physical change or better yourself, it is important to make sure that your mind is ready for the journey ahead. Too many times in the fitness industry an individual is unable to reach their goals simply because they are not mentally strong enough. Regardless of what you are doing in the gym or at home, the mind will always quit before your body does. Following these six steps and tips to help with mental preparation, you will be on the road to success.


When making the choice that you want to make a change to your lifestyle, the most important step is to set a goal for yourself. Think about what you want to achieve and commit 100%. Do not set a goal simply because someone else wants you to do it. If that is the case, there will not be enough desire for you to reach your objective. When setting goals, it is important to make sure you have realistic expectations. Instead of setting a goal that is something you know will be too hard to achieve, set a smaller one, build up from it, and surpass your expectations.


It is necessary that you do not pay mind to the opinions of others along your journey. You have to make sure you are doing this for yourself and that it is something you are truly committed to. Do not pay attention to what others may be doing or saying. If you focus on what you truly want to achieve all throughout this process, there will be nothing in the way of you reaching your goals. Even with different obstacles or setbacks that may come up, nothing is greater than the desire to want to make a change. Focus on you until the focus is on you.



Losing motivation is one of the easiest things to do when the results don’t happen overnight. Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are changes that take time to achieve. Too many times an individual will not see changes right away or reach goals quickly enough, and lose faith. It is absolutely crucial to enjoy the journey you are on and to trust that, as long as you are doing the right things, the results will come!


Fear is one of the most common roadblocks or barriers you can run into trying to reach a goal. You cannot fear judgment or failure at all. Everyone experiences fear, but it is how you handle it that matters. Use whatever fears you may have as motivation. No one is perfect the first time they do something, so do not set that expectation for yourself. Failure is something to learn and grow from, and that will only lead to overcoming obstacles and new goals.


Choosing to be fit or setting a fitness goal turns into a way of life. It is not something you can give half effort to and expect the results you desire. Always look for new ways or techniques to push yourself further. Fitness goes far beyond reaching a goal or an end date and then stopping. Continuing with a healthy lifestyle is crucial and will only allow for you to look at fitness as a lifestyle rather than a destination.


The most important mindset to have while doing something that involves a fitness journey is to enjoy what you are doing. With the desire to succeed comes motivation. From that motivation it is important to find happiness and ways to have fun. If you are turning your life around, getting into the best shape of your life or looking for something new to do, fitness is an outlet to escape to and allows you to be in your own world. When you enjoy something, you will continue to do it.

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