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10 Summer Reads for Athletes

Whether you’re seeking personal transformation, to cultivate a warrior mindset, form better habits, eat for more energy or bulk up, our summer book list has something for every aspiring athlete.
Six Star Pro Staff
Six Star Pro Staff
Athlete reading book

Audiobooks (first two)

1. The Bulking Bible by Michael Dawson

Out now

Calling all male and female ectomorphs regularly hitting the gym but struggling to add muscle mass: his audiobook is for you. Author Michael Dawson designed a realistic roadmap to bulking naturally without the use of steroids, unrealistic diets or impossible programs to help solidify life-long gym habits with seven science-backed steps to add healthy weight and muscle muscle for life. 

2. Building and Strengthening Muscles By R.F Sarmiento

Out now

A guide to adding muscle mass that first examines the individual musculature differences from one body to the next and lays the foundation for understanding how muscle works before tactics on how to grow and sculpt it, Building and Strengthening Muscles is a comprehensive guide. This audiobook is a quick 3-hour listen but also covers diet tips for muscle growth making this a great one-stop-muscle-building-shop.

3. The Everyday Athlete: How to Balance Work, Family and Fitness for Life by Art Trapotsis

Available June 7, 2022.

If you’ve ever struggled to juggle all of life’s competing interests and found that fitness is often the first thing to go, this enlightening book by CEO and endurance athlete Art Trapotsis is a must-read. The Everyday Athlete is a guide book for creating a fitness mindset and how to better balance work, life and fitness. Included is a KIT quiz to gauge your current balance—or lack thereof— and the author’s tried-and-tested strategies to be an athlete—among other things—every single day.

4. Do Hard Things By Steve Magness 

Available June 21, 2022

Do Hard Things by Olympic athlete coach Steve Magness turns everything we thought about mental toughness on its head replacing false bravado with introspective reflection through movement in order to cultivate strength and resilience. A great read for coaches, parents and young athletes alike, this tome pulls from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, military case studies and more for a fact-based read you’ll be happy to recommend to friends and family.

5. Fuel The Fire: A Nutrition and Body Confidence Guidebook for the Female Athlete 

Available August 9, 2022

Finally a sports nutrition book researched and written specifically for the female athlete. In a world of male-centric guides that rarely fully apply to women, author and sports dietitian Pam Nisevich Bede sought out to write a book that covers all aspects of the individualized female experience from menstruation cycles, fueling for sports through the years, coming back from injury and more. This is an empowering guide for any women looking to fuel their fitness for peak performance.

6. Eat for Energy by Ari Whitten

Out now

Every good athlete knows that training is nothing without smart and tailored nutrition and the energy to power through the next training session isn’t in another cup of coffee. Elevate your nutrition for all-day energy with functional health practitioner Ari Whitten’s nutrition guide for energy at the cellular level and you’ll learn how to eat for energy, better sleep, mental wellbeing and razor-sharp concentration. 

Best-selling classics

7. The Mountain is You: Transforming Self Sabotage Into Self Mastery by Brianna Wiest 

A transformational read for learning to get out of your own way and make meaningful life changes especially if you’ve resisted or struggled to make positive changes in the past. This book takes the work within to examine self-sabotage, past experiences and how to clear out trauma in order to take your power back so you can step into the best version of yourself. 

8. Think Like a Warrior: The 5 Inner Beliefs That Make You Unstoppable by Darrin Donnelly 

A twist on typical self-development, this book is a fictional tale of a football coach down on his luck that gets visited by some of the greatest coaches of all time to help instill wisdom in his time of despair. Learn how to change from a victim to warrior mindset through the protagonist’s transformation to learning to think like a warrior with positive self talk, building self confidence and approaching every day with joy and enthusiasm. 

 9. The Brave Athlete: Calm the F–k Down and Rise to the Occasion By Simon Marshall PhD

In this book on learning how to override overthinking that leads to less than optimal performance, author and sport psychology expert Dr Marshall explains “the three brains” and how they each compete for control at any given moment and often, mental distress and paralyzing fear leading us to quit or fail at the most importune time. Learn how to better control and quiet your thoughts so you can train harder, perform better and ultimately love your sport again and succeed. 

10. Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones By James Clear 

A must-read for anyone trying to better themselves, this New York Times best-seller has sold over four million copies and for good reason. A guidebook for putting the right systems in place for success, the author, James Clear, a world-renowned expert in habit forming shows you how to reignite motivation and willpower, make good habits your go-to and bad habits the impossible choice, all while weaving in stories about Olympic gold medalists and other leaders in their fields who have leveraged habit systems to reach success. 

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