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6 Key Habits to Get Fit

Make sure to adopt these six key dietary habits to help you stay lean and mean all year round!
Six Star Pro Staff
Six Star Pro Staff
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Make sure to adopt these six key dietary habits to help you stay lean and mean all year round!


Eating a meal doesn’t mean being completely stuffed. Save the gluttony for special occasions like Thanksgiving and other big family get-togethers. If you want to lose weight, eating to about 80% of being totally full is a great way to ensure you are not eating too many calories throughout the day without actually having to count every calorie!


You should include a serving or two of vegetables at every single meal. Not only will this make sure you are getting enough key nutrients in your diet, but the high fiber content of vegetables will help you to feel fuller at every meal. Choose green veggies like broccoli, asparagus, kale and Swiss chard for the most nutrient-dense, high-fiber options.


Along with your veggies, make sure to eat an adequate source of protein with every meal. High-quality lean meats like chicken breast, salmon, turkey and grass-fed beef are great options to include. If you have trouble getting enough protein in your diet, be sure to add a supplement like 100% Whey Protein Plus for a convenient protein source you can take anywhere.


Do your best to eat the majority of your carbohydrates for the day before and after your training session. This will help to ensure that the carbohydrates you are eating are being used to fuel your training and then recover from it rather than being stored as fat. On days you don’t train, aim to eat less carbs than you would normally consume on a training day.


Dietary fat is not the enemy! Make sure to eat plenty of healthy fats from good sources like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil and high-quality meat sources, like wild-caught salmon and grass-fed beef. Including healthy fats in your diet will help to increase the satiety of your meals and is crucial for many important processes in the body.


Chew your food! The satiety signals in your brain don’t kick in until about 15 to 20 minutes or so after you’ve begun eating. By eating more slowly, you will give your brain a chance to tell the body that enough fuel has been consumed and will, therefore, prevent you from overeating at each meal.

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