Fighter Fit Training Series
Will Romero

By Will Romero


Have you ever wondered how professional fighters get those amazing, powerful physiques that not only look good but are also capable of performing amazing feats? Whether you are training for a martial arts competition or just looking to get the shredded body of a professional fighter, the Fighter Fit Training Series gives you an inside look at the type of training used by the best combat sport athletes in the world!

Fighter Fit Training Series PT-1

Fighter Fit Training Series Part 1 – Strength

Having a strong physique is extremely important in combat sports; it is vital that the athlete have a solid level of strength in addition to their skills in order to avoid being “out-muscled” by an opponent. Being strong will also help with injury prevention and longevity in an athlete’s career.

Fighter Fit Training Series Pt2

Fighter Fit Training Series Part 2 – Power

Having speed and explosiveness as a fighter is crucial for reaction time and will allow you to effectively execute techniques with power and precision. These types of exercises will also help to give you that explosive, athletic-looking physique that many top athletes have.

Fighter Fit Training Series Pt.3

Fighter Fit Training Series Part 3 – Conditioning

Doing conditioning work also helps you to quickly shed unwanted weight to give you a shredded fighter physique! The following are my top six exercises that, when thrown into a structured strength and conditioning program, can yield incredible results come fight time.


Fighter Fit Training Series Part 4 – Strength & Conditioning Program

In this program, we will mix these elements into one workout, so we are training in all the areas that would be specific and beneficial to combat sport athletes and people looking to build lean, functional muscle.

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