Weightlifting Goals for Beginners

  • By Scott Mooney
    By Scott Mooney Six Star Ambassador

During your first year of building muscle, it’s difficult to find a place to start. It’s even more difficult to create a plan for yourself. Everyone has different goals. Whatever your weightlifting goal is, you NEED a plan, and you need a goal. So I’ve come up with a few basic goals to work towards as you start your weightlifting journey. The three goals are:

  1. Bench press your bodyweight for one rep
  2. Squat 1.5 times your bodyweight for one rep
  3. Deadlift 2 times your bodyweight for one rep

For some people, this may be incredibly easy. For others, it will be very difficult. Everyone’s different, but it’s a great, simple goal that everyone who is starting out can work towards in order to achieve a respectable level of strength. Now, this means a full range of motion with proper reps. No half reps or improper form. Here’s a brief explanation on how to properly perform each exercise:

1. Bench press

Keep your head, upper back, butt and feet planted at all times during the rep. Lower the weight to your chest, pause, and then press up to lockout. For a more detailed description, check out this infographic.

Bench press

2. Squat

Unrack the weight with the barbell resting on your upper traps. Squat down until the top of your thigh is AT LEAST parallel with the floor. Then stand up, pressing through your heels until locked out at the top. This is one of the most improperly performed exercises. Don’t cheat it. If you don’t hit parallel, it doesn’t count!

Back squat

3. Deadlift

Approach the bar. Stand with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart and with your shins close to the bar and your toes turned slightly outwards for a stronger base. Bend your knees and grab the bar with a narrow grip about shoulder-width apart. Keep the bar over your mid-foot, and lift your chest by bringing your shoulder blades together. Pull the weight up in a straight line until your body is fully erect, standing with your knees locked out. Keep your back straight at all times.


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