6 Exercises to Increase Biceps Peak

  • By Scott Mooney
    By Scott Mooney Six Star Ambassador

Genetics can have a significant role in a person’s physique. This can be good or bad. Some people are gifted with more aesthetically pleasing body parts than others, but everyone has their weak areas. When looking at biceps, they are shaped mainly by genetics, so if you have long, flat biceps brachii muscles, you have your parent to thank. But there are ways to give your biceps as much peak as possible. Give these exercises a try to break past your genetic makeup and make your biceps look like mountains!

1. Spider Curls

These are essentially the same as a preacher curl. The only difference is you turn around and use the opposite side of the bench. This forces the biceps to fight gravity through the whole range of motion and doesn’t allow any use of momentum. Don’t go too heavy on these. Focus on a full stretch and a hard squeeze on the top of the movement.

Spider curls 1
Spider curls 2

2. High Cable Curls

On this exercise, put the cables above your head and take a slight step forward. The idea is to keep your elbows forward and pull your hands slightly behind your head. This exercise mimics the front double biceps bodybuilding pose. It’s a great one for making your biceps peak!

Cable curls 1
Cable curls 2

3. Incline Curls

The main purpose of incline curls is the extra stretch you get at the bottom of the movement. Really focus on not allowing your elbows to move forward as you curl. This moves the tension from your biceps to your front delts. Don’t go too heavy, so you can maintain this form throughout the whole set.

Incline curls 1
Incline curls 2

4. Strict Barbell Curls

This is the same as any other biceps curl, only you’ll keep your butt, elbows and upper back touching a wall. You must keep these body parts touching the wall through the whole movement! This takes all momentum out of it. A great idea for a superset is start with strict curls, then when you reach failure, step away from the wall and do as many regular barbell curl reps as you can!

Strict Barbell Curls 1
Strict Barbell Curls 2

5. Drag Curls

Drag curls are just standing curls, but instead of curling the weight up normally, keep the bar against your body the whole time. Think about driving your elbows back. It is not a large range of motion, but keep the constant tension on your biceps and I promise they’ll be burning!

Drag curls 1
Drag curls 2

6. Concentration Curls

You’ll have to go light on these to do them properly. Keep your elbow on the inside of your knee as you curl the weight up. Don’t think about moving the weight as much as you think about contracting the muscle.

Concentration Curls 1
Concentration Curls 2

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