The Lifer

You’re ready for it all. You’re committed to your workout game and your stack should reflect this. The Lifer stack gives you hardcore fitness enthusiasts everything needed to maximize your workouts. This is the ultimate stack for strength and size.

  • The more you train, the more fuel your muscles demand
  • Supplements promote muscle growth and recovery so you can get back to the gym faster
  • Feeding your muscles translates into rapid increase in size and strength
100% Whey Protein Plus

100% Whey Protein Plus

Six Star® Whey Protein Plus is enhanced with core ingredients clinically shown to build more muscle and strength than whey protein alone.

Testosterone Booster Pill

Testosterone Booster (Pill)

Six Star® Testosterone Booster delivers a key ingredient shown to amplify your body’s natural testosterone production within the normal range.

Pre-Workout Explosion Ripped

Pre-Workout Explosion Ripped

Six Star® Pre-Workout Explosion Ripped is an all-new hybrid formula that delivers all the power of a performance-enhancing pre-workout plus the added benefit of weight management support!

Aminos + Energy

Aminos + Energy

Six Star® Protein Bar is loaded with 20g of premium protein and has fewer carbs than the leading competitor’s 50g bar.

100% Creatine


Six Star® CreatineX3 features a clinically proven, 8,000mg mega dose of creatine and 30% more creatine per serving.

Casein Protein

Casein Protein

Each two-scoop serving of Six Star® Casein Protein delivers 40g of protein, including slow-digesting casein.

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