Off-Season Gains Shake

For most competitive athletes like football players, martial artists and bodybuilders, each year typically has a time for competition as well as an off-season. During competition season, dieting or following a structured meal plan is often required in order to maintain a certain weight or level of conditioning. Athletes typically lose some size and strength during a hectic competition schedule, and plan to regain and improve upon their size, strength and explosiveness in the off-season.

Many athletes start taking weight gainer shakes to help gain back some size and strength, and even surpass their previous personal records as a result. The timing of when to drink these shakes is very important, so you gain lean muscle tissue and limit the amount of fat gain. After a hard workout is the best time to consume a high-calorie smoothie, because your muscles have been depleted of various nutrients like amino acids and glycogen. Try this recipe for a powerful nutritional boost to help you pack on muscle and strength fast!



Place ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Nutritional Facts

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
736 65g 97g 12g
100% Whey Protein Plus
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  • By Will Romero
    By Will Romero Six Star Ambassador, Professional MMA Athlete & Trainer

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