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Testosterone Booster Powder

  • Boosts Active Testosterone1
  • Based on Human Clinical Research1,2
  • Maintains Peak Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio2
  • MSRP $59.99

Boosts Active Testosterone1

Your body makes testosterone for muscle growth, strength gains, and boosts in training performance. That’s why a supplement that helps boost testosterone within your body’s normal range can be beneficial.

Boost Testosterone Levels in Just 7 Days1

1Six Star Testosterone Booster Powder is formulated with an effective dose of boron, which is shown in human clinical research to amplify active (free) testosterone within the normal healthy range in just one week.

Enhance Performance

2It’s also scientifically engineered with a unique, plant-based blend (rhodiola and gingko biloba extract) shown in a 7-week human clinical study to maintain peak testosterone to cortisol ratio after an intense training regimen. Cortisol is a hormone released during your workout that can break down muscle tissue. Test subjects also enhanced performance as determined by a marker of training capacity.

How To Take

Six Star Testosterone Booster Powder

Directions: Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 8 to 12 oz. of cold water in the morning. Six Star® Testosterone Booster is so powerful, you only need to take it once a day. Not intended to treat low testosterone or sexual dysfunction.

Supplement Facts

Fruit Punch

Six Star Test Booster Powder Fruit Punch

Blue Raspberry

Six Star Test Booster Powder Blue Raspberry

Stacking Guide

How Should I Stack Six Star Testosterone Booster (Powder)

Whey Protein Plus

Whey Protein Plus

Six Star® Whey Protein Plus is enhanced with core ingredients clinically shown to build more muscle and strength than whey protein alone.

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Casein Protein

Each two-scoop serving of Six Star® Casein Protein delivers 50g of protein, including slow-digesting casein.

Six Star Ultra BCAA

Ultra BCAA

Six Star® Ultra BCAA delivers over 5,000mg of BCAAs in every serving. It’s the perfect boost of amino acids for before or after your workout.


Where to Buy

Six Star Testosterone Booster (Powder)