CreatineX3 (Pill)

CreatineX3 (Pill)



CreatineX3 (Pill)

CreatineX3 (Pill)

Clinically Proven Dose of Creatine

Formulated with a clinically proven daily dose of creatine, Six Star® CreatineX3 helps generate muscle ATP, a critical source of muscle cell energy. It’s this source of energy which helps improve between-set muscle recovery, enhance strength, amplify muscle performance and build more lean muscle!

Improve Between-Set Muscle Recovery

Loading creatine into your muscles helps to enhance ATP resynthesis, a critical source of muscle cell energy used during high-intensity training. This helps increase between-set muscle recovery and amplifies strength, which ultimately leads to more muscle growth!

The Smarter Choice

Unlike low-dosed creatine pills, Six Star CreatineX3 features a mega-dose of creatine monohydrate, the most scientifically researched form of creatine on the planet. So forget novelty creatine pills with low doses. Stick to an ultra-premium formula from a brand you can trust! Don’t believe us? Check out the study results below!

Build Over 4x the Lean Muscle!

In a third-party, 12-week study, conducted at an American University, involving 22 untrained test subjects divided into three groups, subjects taking the same form of creatine found in Six Star reatineX3 with a weight training program gained over 4 times more lean muscle than subjects using a placebo (7.12 vs. 1.30 lbs.).

Test Subjects Gained 18.6% More Strength

1 In a 10-day study conducted at Ohio State University on 31 weight-trained test subjects randomly assigned to one of three groups, subjects consuming the same form of creatine found in Six Star reatineX3 with a training program increased their strength capacity on the bench press by 18.6% compared to baseline (6,658 vs. 5,613 joules). Testing was performed using 70% of the subjects’ 1-rep max bench press.

Six Star CreatineX3 Pill - Chart

How To Take Six Star CreatineX3

Directions: Take 2 servings (6 caplets) per day. On days when you work out, take 2 servings immediately after your workout. On days you do not work out, take 2 servings in the morning.

Supplement Facts

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Stacking Guide

How Should I Stack Six Star CreatineX3

100% Whey Protein Plus

Whey Protein Plus

Six Star® Whey Protein Plus is enhanced with core ingredients clinically shown to build more muscle and strength than whey protein alone.

Casein Protein

Casein Protein

Each two-scoop serving of Six Star® Casein Protein delivers 50g of protein, including slow-digesting casein.

Pre-Workout Explosion


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