The Ignored Muscle Groups (Part 2)

In this three-part program, we’ll go over the three least trained muscle groups. Second part of the program is abs.

Protein Chia Pudding

This is a simple recipe, great to use for a protein-rich meal prep. It’s vegetarian, although you do not have to be vegetarian to enjoy it!

Protein Cookie Dough

With this single-serving protein mug cake recipe, you don’t have to worry about going over on your macronutrients or going back for seconds.

The Ignored Muscle Groups (Part 1)

Calves are one of the toughest muscle groups to grow. It is also the muscle group that is most genetically predetermined. Just because you weren’t born with great calves, doesn’t mean you can’t [...]

Low-Carb Waffle

Get a head start on your daily protein intake and save on carbs with this easy and delicious waffle recipe that requires only three ingredients. You can also make pancakes with this batter. [...]

Protein Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

This recipe is clutch to beat the summer heat and to assist in reaching your daily protein and micronutrient goals.

Take The Ring Challenge

Try this upper-body ring workout to pack on some lean muscle to show off on the beach this summer.